Zoolingo offers parents a head start in helping their kids learn with their Preschool Games app, which is available in 16 languages. Zoolingo preschool games and puzzles have hundreds of games and fun activities. Learning can be interactive with educational puzzles that help kids learn the alphabet, numbers, and more! And this top notch game by Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd is definitely a game you should have for your kids!

Why This App is For You

The Zoolingo Preschool Puzzle Games app is designed for children aged two years old and below, which can help them learn the basics through educational games. The app will be a big help for parents who are looking for a useful teaching tool with its simple to use controls and features and amazing graphics.

Benefits of Downloading Zoolingo Preschool Games

Interactive Learning

Kids will pay more attention to colorful graphics and images compared to traditional teaching tools. The app will also encourage their visual and cognitive ability, which can lead to kinesthetic learning.

Set the Foundation for the Basic Skills

Young kids will learn the necessary skills that are needed when they start school. The app will motivate early learners through activities like tracing, coloring and learning the alphabet.

Fun Bonding Time

Create precious moments with your children while they are learning at the same time. Take the traditional learning method up a notch with the help of the Zoolingo. Preschoo Games


  • Animated animal games in any language
  • Interactive sounds
  • New games added all the time with over 200 game levels
  • Alphabet and numbers
  • Fun jigsaw puzzles
  • Card matching to enhance memory skills
  • Nursery rhymes and coloring activities
  • Complete the sequence game
  • Learn animal sounds
  • Sound and text instructions are available in multilingual support

Final Words

At Mafooly, we make sure that we put your child’s needs first in an enjoyable and interactive way. The interactive  games in the app can do not promote violence of any kind or any form of negativity. Parents can also have peace of mind leaving their kids unsupervised while they learn their ABC’s and numbers with the help of the app.

Download Zoolingo Today!