Mafooly brings you fun and educational puzzle games for kids, two years old and above. Introduce your children to the colorful world of animals through the many puzzle games on various levels and themes. The puzzle games are designed to give kids hours of interactive fun and learning with high quality graphics and images.

Why This App is For You

The toddler puzzle games for kids app is best for children two years old and above. The app comes with easy to understand mechanics and simple controls so that the kids can go through the games with ease. The app can help parents teach their children about animals and puzzle games.

Benefits of Downloading Puzzle Games for Kids

Develops Cognitive Skills

Puzzle games can help kids identify letters, numbers, shapes, or figures. Using the app will help parents teach their children in a more entertaining way.

Promotes Quality Time

Parents must make time with their kids and what better way to do it than with the puzzle games app. In fact, the whole family can join in the fun since the games are designed not just for kids but also for the kids at heart.

Promotos hand and eye coordination

The trial and error process in puzzles can help develop hand and eye coordination skills, which are essential, especially during the developmental stage of a child.


  • 3 puzzle types with over 100 puzzle games to choose from
  • Advancing levels for more fun
  • Slider control options to prevent kids from quitting the game by mistake
  • High-quality, high definition graphics
  • Animated background and amusing sounds
  • Balloon pop-ups after each successful level
  • More than 30 different kinds of animals

Final Words

This is an ideal puzzle game app for kids since they can play the level even without adult supervision. The game features many kinds of animals for kids to learn and at the same time, enjoy unlocking the many levels. Kids will also enjoy popping the balloons, which indicates that they are successful at the level. All these amazing apps are brought to you by Gamma Web Ltd.

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