No matter what you say, kids love going to the zoo! Seeing wild animals all in one place keeps their spirits alive! Now, brought to you by Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd, we’ve digitized your favorite zoo animals with a fun educational twist, puzzles! Let your kids stay in touch with animals from the zoo with our Preschool Zoo Puzzles and Games!

Why This App is For You

Designed to cater for kids of all ages, our zoo puzzles will surely give your kids a brainy exercise! Educational apps are said to keep your children’s brains active as they solve puzzles. Just 15 to 30 minutes of fun learning will help increase your child’s brain activity and boost their logical thinking!

Benefits of Downloading Preschool Zoo Puzzles

Playful learning

Give your kids a cognitive boost with puzzles that not only let them have fun while learning but also increase their strong mental abilities. With puzzles that tickle their brains, your kids will learn more than just identifying these animals.

Adorable zoo animals

Cute baby versions of our favorite animals all in the same game will keep you children entertained any time of the day!

Numerous Puzzles to Choose from

Your child won’t be bored no matter what. We have tons of zoo puzzles from jigsaw puzzles to completing a picture, your kids will stay challenged as they progress through each level.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Numerous puzzles to choose from
  • Opportunity to distinguish wild animals from domestic animals
  • Slider for phone protection
  • Learn how to count
  • Boost logical thinking games

Final Words

Mafooly’s pShot is one of the rare photo-editing apps that is complete and comes free of charge. It was created for people like you, who enjoy photo-editing on the go and who always want to obtain the most of their shots.

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