If you want to introduce your kid to the world of math, then you’d better do it at an early age in a fun manner. And thanks to Mathlingo Math Games, you can let your little tot learn shapes, sizes, and more or experiment with addition, subtraction, shapes, and more.

Why This App is For You

This app is perfect for preschool and kindergarten kids who want to get a head start on learning math. So, do away with the dull blackboard learning of math and give your kids a foot ahead of the rest. Now, be a math whiz with our fun math learning games set in fun ocean themes.

Benefits of Downloading Mathlingo Math Games

Learn to count with Mathlingo Math Games

Most kids struggle with counting, even at kindergarten. However, with Mathlingo, your child can easily catch up with the rest and learn how to count up to 50!

Fun arithmetic learning

Kids often easily confuse addition and subtraction. But thanks to our math games, your little one can easily learn the difference and solve simple equations with ease. Furthermore, you can enjoy teaching your kids the basics of math if you solve equations together!

Be Familiar with geometry and shapes

Isn’t learning apps more fun if everything is in full color set in a beautiful ocean-inspired theme? From circles to triangles to pentagons and more! So, here’s an easy go at geometry for your little ones. In addition, let your kids know more than the typical basic shapes with our fun app!


  • Educational game based on marine creatures
  • Teaches subtracting and addition in a fun manner
  • Aids Children to learn how to count using colorful numbers
  • Introduces geometry through shape-learning, tracing, and supplementary exercises

Final Words to You

Mathlingo math games is an app designed to enhance kids’ knowledge in the domain of mathematics and gain their interest through games. Therefore, you should definitely give it a try since it has a lot to offer!

Download Fun Mathlingo Today!