Spend hours of fun and learning with the Fun Animal Puzzles and Games for Toddlers and Kids. This app features fun animal puzzles that will take your kids to a grand adventure while learning about the different kinds of animals. Kids will learn more about animals in a fun and interactive way brought to you by Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd.

Why This App is For You

The app is designed for children up to 9 years old and is even great for adults with its easy to use controls and amazing graphics. This exciting fun animal puzzles app can be used as a learning tool for parents to teach their kids about animals in an enjoyable way.

Benefits of Downloading Fun Animal Puzzles

Promotes Quality Time with the Family

The app is best for children of all ages, which means kids can share playtime with their siblings and parents. The whole family can enjoy and even learn through the different levels of the game.

Develops Problem Solving Skills

Puzzle games can encourage children to develop strategies so they can solve the game. Kids will then develop skills that can be useful, especially when they are of the right age to attend formal learning.

Hand & Eye Coordination

Playing with puzzles is a trial and error process that requires hand and eye manipulation. Children will be able to develop this particular skill since they will recognize their goal in solving the puzzle.


  • Two types of puzzles with 15 puzzle game options
  • Advancing levels after solving each puzzle
  • Safety control options (slider) so that the players will not exit the game by mistake
  • Interactive sounds and colorful graphics
  • High-Quality HD graphics
  • Upgraded drag and drop controls for easy and fun game time

Final Words

This type of game developed by Mafooly is a great learning tool, especially for the young ones to learn about animals and also help in the development of their skills. The high-quality graphics contribute to a fun learning environment and as well as the app’s easy to understand games.

Download Fun Animal Puzzle Games Today!