Enjoy this collection of cute animal games for kids featuring great puzzles brought to you by Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd. It gives kids the chance to get to know different kinds of animals in a fun and interactive platform. The app has many puzzles and levels, where kids can play and learn at the same time.

Why This App is For You

These cute games for kids are designed for all ages, including toddlers, which will give them a head start in learning how to solve puzzles and also identify animals. The app is easy to navigate with its slider control options. This is an ideal app for parents who want to maximize their kids’ playing time.

Benefits of Downloading the app

Promote Quality Bonding Time

Playing the puzzle app can be a great bonding activity for the whole family wherein kids will learn about animals at the same time.

Effective Educational Tool

Jigsaw puzzles can inspire children to be creative and inquisitive. Puzzle apps can be used as tools to help develop important skills such as collaborative, cognitive, and visual-spatial.

Teaches the Children to be Patient

Solving puzzles can be challenging but will ultimately teach kids to be patient and smart. Children will also learn not to easily give up and help them focus on the goal of solving the puzzle.


The most notable features of this game are:

  • Allows you to add music and audio effects
  • 15 different animal puzzles
  • High-quality HD graphics that will keep your child entertained
  • Advancing levels
  • Colorful background and interactive sounds
  • Slider control features which prevent kids from exiting the levels by mistake
  • Cute animals that will capture your children’s attention
  • Easy to learn game controls

Final Words

The app features cute games for kids that encourage them to play and learn even without parental supervision. Mafooly has always been consistent in developing game apps that will not only give children hours of fun but can also be used as effective teaching tools that can help them prepare for school.

Download Cute Animal Puzzle Games Today!