Inspire your children with the right baby game app! Introduce your little one’s to different types of farm animals with this game. Filled with tons of cute baby games, let your child enjoy the adventure of learning animals through puzzles. Farm baby games and animal puzzles for kids is a game that will surely entertain and educate your child as they learn the basics of the animal world.

Why this App is For You

Designed for children 2 years old and below, the app is specifically targeting to educate little toddlers. Designed with simple controls and direct to the point features that simply lets your child drag and drop puzzle pieces across the screen. The adorable images also make the game more fun and interesting for your little tot to enjoy.

Benefits of Downloading Farm Animal Cute Baby Games

Promotes bonding

What’s amazing about this game is that it allows you to play with your child together. Not only that but it also creates an environment of learning where your little ones can play together and learn together.

Simple and Easy Controls

Easy for anyone to figure out, this game is perfect for every child to use..

Encourages sharing

Since the app supports Family Sharing setup. This allows your little tot to enjoy playing with 5 other members of your family or friends.

Upgrades Cognitive and Motor Skills

Children under 2 have yet to practice their motor skills. Since this game is one of the best cute baby games available for young toddlers, they can practice the full use of their hands and fingers. It also improves cognitive skills allowing your child to identify and match regular and irregular shapes as well as quick thinking through different types of puzzles.


  • Entertaining HD graphics
  • Super Easy to learn controls that promotes motor skills
  • Adorable puzzle pieces to promote learning
  • Cute baby animals to help your child learn about farm animals
  • Fun music and interactive sounds to keep your child engaged
  • Interactive balloons after completing every level for your tot to enjoy

Final Words

This game is the type of game your child can enjoy unsupervised. It doesn’t promote fighting, addiction, or negative learning in all aspects. At Mafooly, we care about your child’s complete well being and thus promote simple easy games for your little ones to play. Just 15 to 30 minutes a day of this game will surely help your child know more about the animals preparing them for preschool!

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