Who doesn’t love cats? They are the perfect furry companions in almost any time anywhere. And wouldn’t it be more perfect to have a game dedicated to cats? Enjoy this puzzle game featuring cute, fun, and fuzzy felines. Mafooly Apps features these cat puzzle games for everyone’s learning and entertainment. And all these are brought to you by Gamma Web Ltd.

Why This App Is For You

Designed for children as young as one year old, this game is not just ideal for your little ones. It caters to the call-for-cuddle needs of any cat lover out there. With a charming background music and numerous puzzles to enjoy, anyone from young ones to the elderly will surely enjoy our purr-ific games.

Benefits of Downloading the app

Highly Educational

Through this app, you can teach your kid about cats and other cuddly animals.

Practices Logical Thinking

Puzzles help your little one’s brain to develop faster. The puzzles helps your child practice their ability to match patterns, complete a picture and identify problems and their solutions through our simple puzzles.

Lasting fun

Your little one will definitely enjoy knowing more about cats in every fun level.


The most notable features of this game are:

  • 21 different puzzles
  • Advancing difficulty level
  • Balloons that pop for every completed level
  • Interactive sounds
  • HD graphics
  • Slider control that prevents quitting the game by accident

Final Words

Our cat puzzles games are ideal for all ages. Designed to teach and entertain, this is a great game for your little ones to play in their past time. This is a puzzle paradise not just for the little ones but also for all cat lovers.

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