Everyone loves butterflies, but it’s a known fact that kids are amazed by their multitude of colors. If you want to teach your little one about butterflies, you now have the perfect chance to do so. With our butterfly learning games, your toddler will surely have great fun and relax.

Why This App is For You

This game is ideal for toddlers and kids under seven years old. Enjoyable in every round, all puzzles have a different butterfly to play with. With tons of colorful wings and enjoyable puzzles to solve, this is a great way to challenge your little one’s logical thinking.

Benefits of Downloading Butterfly Learning Games

There are few ways to stimulate your kid’s passion for study and animals. With this butterfly learning game, you can now do it.

Familiarity with butterflies

Created to tickle your brain, this memory game is a simple way of exercising a stressed mind.

Interactive learning

The game has interactive action sounds and a slider option that prevents accidental quitting. Parents can play together with their children in order to stimulate their creativity and explain different butterfly species. On the other hand, you little tots can also play on their own without you having to worry about them playing games unfit for them.

Brain boosting

Our butterfly learning games allow your child to get familiar with insects that live around us. Plus, it’s a great way for you to teach your children about colors! 


The most notable features of this game are as follows:

  • 21 puzzles that range in difficulty
  • First puzzles are very easy, yet after the 5th they get more difficult
  • Fun backgrounds
  • Interactive action sounds
  • HD graphics
  • Slider that prevents accidental exit

Final Words

Bring color to your children’s world as you introduce them to the world of insects. Make their learning experience even more enjoyable with puzzles! You can also check out other fun educational apps brought to your by Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd.

Download Butterfly Baby Games Today!