Introducing kids to animals unfamiliar to them doesn’t have to be difficult anymore, with our animal puzzles game for kids, you can easily introduce the animal world to your children! Get them to understand more about where animals live and teach them about the animal kingdom. Portrayed in different settings and various puzzle games, this is a sure win for any parent and child!

Why This App is For You

This app is perfect for kids of all ages since it is designed to train the young mind’s problem solving skills. Even as young as one year old, your little one will surely be able to play the game under your supervision. Puzzles are generally easy to complete, so the kids will have great fun.

Benefits of Downloading Animal Puzzles Game for Kids

Boost brain activity

Puzzles have been proven to stimulate the brain and improve memory.

Familiarization with the animal kingdom

Though kids already know earlier on what lions, foxes, and horses are, young children should know where these animals belong and why. With this animal puzzles game for kids, it’s very easy to introduce the real world to your children.

Multi-tier puzzle difficulty

There are different puzzles available for children of all ages, and their difficulty increases progressively. There are many animals inside the game for every kid to discover.

Numerous puzzles to enjoy

If you choose this game, you will no longer have to buy physical puzzles from the library. It also has high educational value.


The most notable features of this game are:

Allows you to add music and audio effects

  • 15 different animal puzzles
  • Increasing levels of difficulty
  • Interactive sounds
  • Safety slider which prevents exiting the game by mistake

Final Words

Interactive, fun, and easy. This educational game for kids is perfect for children under 5 and also those with autism. Download the game and enjoy! More games are brought to you by Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd.

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