Puzzle games are truly beneficial in children’s education, especially for younger children. With our toddler games, your child will easily learn more about animals living in the wild. With stunning graphics and multi-tier animal jungle games, it’s a game your children should never miss!

Why This App is For You

This game is ideal for children aged three and above. It has an increasing level of difficulty. We, at Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd, love creating apps that are perfect for children to play and learn!

Benefits of Downloading Animal Jungle Games

Training memory and puzzle-solving skills

Solving puzzles has various benefits, regardless of age. However, it’s even more important for children at a young age. At this stage, children’s developing brains are very keen on learning and absorbing pieces of knowledge they come by and what better way to introduce wild animals than through puzzle games.

Get the little one accustomed to animals

The look in your toddler’s eyes is truly precious when he animals for the first time. So, help him discover multiple wild animals with the aid of this puzzle game.

Multiple Puzzle Types

With 3 different types of puzzles available, your kids will not be bored at any moment. Even when they have to sit for 30 minutes or an hour with the device, this game will surely entertain them.


  • Increasing difficulty level
  • A slider for children’s protection mode
  • HD graphics on all compatible Devices
  • Balloons that pop automatically after every completed level
  • 22 Different Puzzles Showcasing Wild Animals
  • Fun backgrounds, interactive sounds

Final Words

There are many games out there. However, not all of them are suitable for toddlers. This game combines fun, interaction, and education under one title. So, let your child discover the appeal and uniqueness of wild animals from the comfort of your own house!

Download Animal Jungle Games Today!