Ever wanted to enhance your photos but didn’t want to wait until you got on a computer? Want to have the freedom to edit your photos on the go on your iPhone or iPad? Mafooly’s pShot Photo editor is here and lets you easily add captions, effects, and text to your pictures.

Why This App is For You

Created for all photo lovers out there regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a pro. It contains various effects and stickers that you can add. In addition, it has various fine-tuning options, including contrast, saturation, and brightness adjustments.

Benefits of Downloading the pShot app

Edit Photos on-the-go

You can be on the beach, at a restaurant or at your relatives. PShot Photo Editor works perfectly well regardless of location. You will simply have it in your pocket at all times.

Enjoy Free Photo Editing

While other apps ask you to pay a straight fee when downloading them, pShot comes free of charge. You can download it on as many iOS devices as you want without being taxed.

Crop your Photos

Sometimes you want to get something out of a picture, such as a plane in the sky or someone making a funny face behind you. Now it’s possible and easy to do so with pShot. Its unique cropping tool allows you to remove and insert parts of images from or to your photos.


  • Add great effects and filters
  • Array of adorable stickers to pop on your images
  • Type in beautiful text
  • Rotate, Scale and Duplicate photos
  • Edit any pre-existing photograph
  • Multiple frames available in-app
  • Share final edits via social media or email

Final Words

Mafooly’s pShot is one of the rare photo-editing apps that is complete and comes free of charge. It was created for people like you, who enjoy photo-editing on the go and who always want to obtain the most of their shots. Check out our editing app series and download them all brought to you by Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd.

Download pShot Today!