Video Editor zShot is an intuitive hit video editor for the iPhone and iPad. It comes with multiple features that are normally available in a premium video editing app. One can add filters, merge multiple videos and sequences into one, change speeds and lighting, add text, and more.

Why This App is For You

Regardless of whether you want to become a YouTube star or want to create your own full film, the zShot can help you achieve it. Since it can edit all kinds of videos and add different effects and visuals, chances are it will suit your most demanding needs.

Benefits of Downloading the app

If you want to create incredible videos or simply to add a touch of magic to a short story, Shot is what you need.

Easy to use

This video editor is easy to use and available directly on your mobile device.

Multiple Editing Features

With its aid, you can add different filters, stunning visual effects, or dramatic visual effects.

Create Original Clips on Mobile

It may not turn you into a movie director right away, but it certainly has what it takes to improve the quality of your videos and provide an element of novelty.


Among the most notable features we have:

  • Allows you to add music and audio effects
  • Option to add stickers and text
  • Allows you to merge videos
  • Can cut and crop different sequences
  • Option to rotate videos
  • Change canvas sizes for social sharing
  • Add stunning filters
  • Make adjustments to clips 

Final Words

Designed for every traveling vlogger, video editor, and Youtuber, the app allows you to do quick and easy edits ranging from easy to moderate editing. With zShot, you have all you need to become a movie star! You can check out more editing apps by Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd.

Download zShot Today!