Cut Paste Photos Pro is an app dedicated to iPhone and iPad users. This photo editing app for iPhone provides an attractive layout and plenty of editing options. It acts like a portable professional image editing app. And, anyone can take advantage of this app for editing photos. In addition, it allows users to make ordinary images or photos more appealing for various purposes by adding different elements.

Why This App is For You

The app mainly targets towards amateur users. Especially to those who take interest in cropping¬† different elements of a photo and putting them together. Thus, Mafooly aims to provide anyone the ability to edit photos like a professional. Now, with Cut and Paste Photos’ simple tools, you can easily use each feature to the fullest. However, even pro users can benefit from this app especially when you’re traveling or in a hurry.

Benefits of Downloading Cut And Paste Photo Pro

Unique Editing Tools and Setup

The app enables you to cut different elements from multiple photos and merge them into one. Aside from this distinct feature, it also has specialized cropping tools. Furthermore, the cropping tools allow you to cut, edit, and change photos as you please.

Professional Layer Editing

Next, we have multiple features like individualized layer editing. And so, you can edit a layer of photos one at a time. Therefore, it acts like as if it were a pro photo editing app.

Specialized Cropping Tool

Cut Paste has the unique feature of having multiple cropping and cutting tools. So, it allows any user to create dimensional effects using cropped images on top of one another.


The most important features of this app are as follows:

  • Rotate, Scale, Duplicate or Flip photos within seconds
  • Easy to use cut and crop tool
  • Ability to merge multiple elements from different photos
  • Option to share photos over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Option to send photos by email

Final Words

Perfectly designed not just like any ordinary photo editor! So, this portable professional image editing app allows you to bring your mobile photography a level higher! Also, you should check out our other editing apps by Mafooly and Gamma Web Ltd.

Download Cut Paste Today!