Mood Scanner Express is the ideal app for those who want a visual representation of their feelings. Although it doesn’t always get it right, it’s very fun to use. Mood Scanner App can even be used as a prank for your friends, who will be amazed every time.

App Target Market

The app is intended for people of all ages. Children, teenagers, and adults alike can have plenty of fun using the app. PLay it for fun or just to have a nice knack at your daily mood. Furthermore, it’s so easy to use that it doesn’t require instructions! And everything you need is a touch of a button away.

Benefits of Downloading the Mood Scanner

Have you ever wondered if an app can guess your feelings? In this case, you can now find out very easily by downloading Mood Scanner Express. If you are feeling angry, relaxed, or depressed, the app will most probably get it right.

If you plan to prank your friends, it’s very easy to do it as well with the aid of this app. Since you can see how they feel, simply select the appropriate feeling before handing them the device. After that, they just need to scan their finger and voila! The app will tell them in an instant of how they feel.


  • Self mood scan
  • Prank your friends with finger scanning
  • High-quality graphics
  • Intuitive interface
  • Free of charge on iPhone and iPad

Final Words

Simple, quick, yet fun to have around. In addition, this lightweight app allows you to know more about
what your mood is and turn it into an enjoyable moment, not just for you but for your
friends as well. Experience Mafooly apps with more enjoyable apps brought to your by Gamma Web LtdIn 

Download Mood Scanner Today!