Who said coloring books are just for children? Mafooly by Gamma Web Ltd presents you with a coloring book for adults fit to bring out your creative side. From the creative hand to the frustrated artist, these coloring books are suitable for all ages. So, whether you’re an adult on a long haul flight or a teen looking for a good way to pass the time, then this app is absolutely for you!

Why This App is For You

No matter what age you are, coloring is definitely one of the things we’ve all loved and enjoyed. From toddlers to teens to adults and the elderly, anyone can enjoy this game any time, anywhere!

Benefits of Downloading iColor Coloring Book for Adults

Endless coloring pages to choose from

This app enables you to color multiple complex images absolutely free. You can choose between a beautiful lady sitting near a river, a city filled with skyscrapers, a medusa, a bird, and so on.

New images added regularly

New images are being uploaded regularly, so you don’t have to worry about completing the game too quickly

Personalize your own coloring pages and color palettes

Moreover, you can add various effects and filters, and then share the image once it’s completed. There are various colors and gradients available, and even the possibility to connect with other artists.


  • Multiple complex images available for free
  • Hundreds of drawings including animals, florals, cars, gifts and so forth
  • Option to add frames and effects
  • Option to add own coloring pages in-app
  • Can directly share to social media
  • Numerous and even personalized color palettes
  • With so many great features, you should definitely give this coloring app a try!

Final Words

iColor coloring book for adults brings color to your life with numerous coloring pages to choose from! Spend your time developing the creative side of your brain using our coloring apps!

Download Coloring Book Today!