Mafooly is a den of fun, learning, and utility hailing from New Zealand. We, at Mafooly, aim to spread convenience and happiness in all ages through our flexible apps, applicable mostly for IOS users. In each of our app, we strive towards a high quality user experience with interactive features. As an IOS developer specializing in kids games and creative apps, our products are made specifically to capture the hearts and enrich the minds of our young users. We also aim to extend our products to the adults of the generation for their own entertainment and hobbies. Know more about Mafooly!

Creative Minds Behind Mafooly

Through the efforts of our team of professionals, our apps have been regarded highly by children, teens, parents, and elders. To provide the needs of the public, we employ skilled individuals with a vision to create apps with specificity on the task. Therefore, our apps all cater to various users of different.

Many of our apps are directed towards toddlers and preschool children, embedding within our product the 123’s and ABC’s that every child needs. We develop colorful, child friendly, and educational games filled with the friendly animals from houses to farms.

For the teens, we provide apps perfect for the mobile editing needs. We make editing for images and videos effortless with a few clicks and a lot of templates. Navigate with ease through our products to create the final desired output.

Adults and senior citizens are not left out with our numbered coloring apps especially tailored for the less tech savvy. In addition, the mobile editing apps provide such ease and convenience that even elders can use it to create professional-looking results.

Mafooly has stayed long in the mobile app industry, believing that it is the key towards a global reach. Since the first official release of our first app, we have come a long way. As both an Android and IOS developer, we have continued and will continue our efforts to further our products.

We, at Mafooly, do not just believe in good products. We also believe in good customer service. Our team is always ready to answer any arising inquiries or problems from our users. So contact us now for any questions or recommendations.

Our Apps

Designed to improve your smartphone experience, Mafooly Apps caters to the needs of the tech savvy both young and old. Ranging from apps learning games that bring FUN to the FUNdamental build up of children’s early stage of learning to amazing editing apps that will skyrocket your social media experience, download our games today!