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We are Mafooly! And we are all about giving you the fun and ease of making your iPhone and Android experience better! Mafooly Mobile Apps has a creative team that constantly thinks of ways to create apps that will service the common needs of any child, teen, parent, and even the elderly. We strive to think of ways where you can improve your mobile experience. And we do that by giving you apps that let you do more!

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Our Mission

We pride ourselves in putting the word ‘FUN’ in fundamental! Our mission is to develop apps that will bring out your creativity. Thus, we do that in the most enjoyable way possible. We go to work every day thinking of how we can improve your mobile experience through photography, videography, and even basic learning! From our smiles to yours, we aim to give every user of our apps the joy of creation and learning.

Photo & Video
Editing Apps

Recreate your photos, images, and videos with a top of the line editing app perfect for amateur, and advanced editing needs. Striving to improve your iPhone and social media experience, we have our editing apps to bring color to your photos, images, and clips. Breathe life into your shareable content with our portable professional editing tools absolutely free!

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Kids' Games

Mafooly Apps developed a series of games fit for all learning abilities and limitations. From toddlers as young as one to children with autism, our apps cater to all children’s ability to learn and adapt. With every app we created, we had your child in mind making sure that you only get top of the mill games for your kids to learn and have fun!

Coloring Apps

Bring out your colorful and artistic side with our coloring apps. With multiple coloring palettes and endless coloring pages to choose from, rid yourself of boredom with splashes of color. We didn’t just limit ourselves to giving you coloring pages, we also designed our apps to allow you to personalize your pages for your absolute enjoyment.

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Our Apps

Designed to improve your smartphone experience, Mafooly Apps caters to the needs of the tech savvy both young and old. Ranging from apps learning games that bring FUN to the FUNdamental build up of children’s early stage of learning to amazing editing apps that will skyrocket your social media experience, download our games today!