Preschool Zoo Puzzles for toddlers and kids – animal puzzles including jigsaw, matching and counting

Teach your kids the names and sounds of animals in 16 languages while having fun!

7 Different games available in 16 languages:

Counting: Learn the numbers as well as the sounds of animals at the same time
Jigsaw puzzles: Each animal will be cut into pieces, your toddler and kid will help the monkey by putting them together!
Matching: Improve the memory by matching the animals using their pictures and sounds
Drag the animals: Drag animals to a cage to count them and learn their sounds
Complete the sequence: Recognise a pattern and select the next animal to complete a sequence
Free float: Touch animals running around the screen to have fun!
Specific count and name: Check whether the child learnt the numbers and animal names

Other features include:

– All the games and instructions are made in 16 different languages, your toddler and kid can learn one or more language
– More than 70 levels for the different puzzles and animals – your kids will not be bored with one type
– Nice background and interactive sounds for actions
– Comes with High Quality HD graphics
– Works on phones and tablets
– Balloons and shapes to pop at the end of each level!
– Most importantly, fun and enjoyable to learn and play!


Languages included in the game (sound and text instructions):

– English
– Japanese
– Mandarin (Chinese)
– Spanish
– Norwegian
– French
– German
– Russian
– Turkish
– Italian
– Danish
– Swedish
– Portuguese
– South Korean
– Indonesian
– Arabic


Animals in the game include:

– Dog
– Cat
– Elephant
– Penguin
– Cow
– Fish
– Sheep
– Dolphin
– Horse
– Tortoise

Let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback, we would love to hear from you to keep making better and more fun games for all our kids!

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