Mega Animal Puzzles and Games for Toddlers and Kids

More than 100 levels of learning and educational jigsaw and matching activities all in one.

Special promotion combining wonderful levels from different themes including Jungle, Sea, Farm, Gardens and Baby animals!

Wonderful set of puzzles with colourful and lovely sea animals. Teach your kids how to coordinate their hand and eye by solving the puzzles and placing the pieces in the right place.

Game Features:
- 100+ puzzles ranging across three puzzle types – your kids will not be board with one type
- The level of difficulty goes up as the levels are completed, good for kids to advance slowly
- Nice background and interactive sounds for actions
- Fun balloons to pop at the end of each successful level
- Slider control option for parents to stop kids from exiting the level by mistake
- High Quality HD graphics
- Finally, fun to learn and play!

More than 30 Animals presented in the games including :
- Dolphin
- Shark
- Whale
- Sea star
- Crab
- Sea horse
- Octopus
- Jellyfish
- Tropical fish
- Sea Tortoise
- Squid
- Stingray
- Golden fish
- Eel
- Seal
- Jaguar
- Lion
- Cat
- Horse
- Dog
- Butterfly
- Frog
- Eagle
- Spider
- Snake
- Squirrel
- Kuala
- Ant
- Crocodile
- Fox
- Buffalo
- Rhinoceros
- Cockatoo
- Giraffe


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